"Markus Maier works from the back of the canvas. He presses different colors through the pores of the fine or coarse-meshed canvas giving a textile impression when viewed from the front. This captures and preserves his creative process in an aesthetic manner. Framed behind glass, the reliefs appear artificial. Silicon and oil paints present themselves to the attentive observer as snapshots, documents of a creative force.

Sometimes one can feel the delicate shimmering of white as a barely perceptible and visible moment, then again masses of color swell almost violently through the fabric and freeze, as it were, in different levels and cross each other. The artist Markus Maier has a virtuoso mastery of the materials and uses them skillfully.

He has developed and refined the reciprocal technique so that he can influence the result through the composition and application of the color, but cannot control it precisely. In this way, he concretely allows coincidences to occur.

His pictures cannot be deciphered from a distance. His work has an intimate quality and must be viewed close up. Then it becomes apparent that the works are unique. This work is an expression of contemporary art in that these paintings represent nothing other than themselves. Their content shows prime examples of works committed to the process of making art pieces."

Burkhard Leismann Head of the Ahlen Museum of Art 2016